David Platt – Why many Christians are deceived

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David Platt itickets.comEverything would be different in these mens lives because of their encounters with Jesus. Everything. Which is why we know, that people who profess to be christians, but whose lives look just like the rest of the world’s are deceived. All kinds of people who supposedly made a decision, prayed a prayer, signed a card, walked an aisle, accepted Jesus into their hearts, but their lives don’t look any different. They say they’re christian, but the reality is they don’t know this Christ (of the Bible). Because when you know this Christ everything begins to change in your life.

I heard one precher put it this way: Imagine I got here late this morning. Imagine these guys finished leading us in musical worship and then a little video came on but it was just a blank stage and 5, 10, 15 minutes go by, you’re sitting there and it’s awkward…

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