The Battle Hymn of the Reformation

Remember: “post tenebras, lux.”  Even when things seem their darkest, God is always at work around this world, sometimes in the most seemingly unlikeliest of places.  Here is some encouraging news that I heard of thanks to Reformation Church TX:

Is Russia Turning Protestant? from Georgia Today:

In 1990, an American anthropologist wrote a controversial book: “Is Latin America Turning Protestant?”

Two decades later, that same provocative question can be asked of Russia.

Who will win: The Church of the Golden Domes? Or the Church of the Catacombs?

Persecution and oppression grow God’s church (“the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”):

Since returning to the Kremlin last year as president, Vladimir Putin seems determined to restore the Orthodox Church to the official status it enjoyed during the time of the Czars. Increasingly, Protestant churches are kept underground. But they are expanding rapidly.

Chinese Calvinism Flourishes from Andrew Brown’s Blog:

The churches that follow Calvin are the third largest Christian grouping in the world. In China they hope to become the religion of the elite

True religion spreads even when it cannot officially and openly operate:

All of this is happening outside the control of the official body which is supposed to monitor and supervise the churches in China. Instead, it is the philosophy departments at the universities, or the language departments and the departments of literature and western civilisation that are the channel.

A quote that refutes the lie that Calvinists don’t do missionary work or don’t spend time witnessing to others:

Many of the missionaries who tried to bring Christianity to China before the communists took over where presbyterians, and other sorts of Calvinist.

A quote on how those who oppose God’s work often end up helping it in the long run:

And, though the communists stigmatised Christianity as a foreign religion, they also and still more thoroughly smashed up the traditional religions of China: “The communist, socialist critique of traditional religion, and of Confucianism has been effective”, she says: “The youngsters think it is very cool to be Christian. Communism has removed all the obstacles for them to come to Christianity.”

Onward the Reformation!


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