Mysterious Disappearances in National Parks

Update: Please see the link at the bottom of this post for other posts on this topic, including research on the Missing 411 series.

Lately, I have been fascinated by the work of David Paulides, who has been documenting mysterious disappearances from national parks around the world.  Mr. Paulides is a former police officer who stumbled onto the puzzle of these strange and unexplained disappearances in his travels around America.  He has written a series of books entitled Missing 411 (which I would love to read) and maintains a website at the CanAm Missing Project.  Here are some news reports on this situation (first 10 minutes — the last 4 minutes are the poster’s theory that the disappearances are the fault of a Genoskwa):

Mr. Paulides has been conducting many interviews to raise awareness of his books and these cases.  These interviews do not seem to stay on YouTube for very long once they are posted.  However, I did locate one recent interview with David Paulides from Coast to Coast AM that I am posting here in case you have information that might help solve some of these cases.

Warning: the content of this and other interviews can be disturbing.  In addition, while many of these interviews have been conducted by individuals interested in esoteric subject matter such as alien abductions, please don’t let that stop you from listening to what Mr. Paulides has to say.  People are going missing, and if you can’t help find them, in the very least, you may learn some tips to minimize the chances of you or a loved one going missing in a wilderness area.

[Sorry, video no longer available.  For other videos, search “David Paulides” on YouTube here: ]

The Dennis Martin case is particularly heartbreaking:

Also chilling is the disappearance of fellow Canuck Christina Calayca

Read some thoughts on the Missing 411 series here:


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