What Paul Washer Told My Son (And Others)

Paul washer profileThis past Friday, February 14, 2014, Paul Washer spoke at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario.  My son was among the young people who heard his message, which you can listen to here:


While I do not endorse everything that was said or done at the event (ie. the FRCNA sing psalms in corporate worship but only manmade hymns were sung at this event), Paul Washer had a lot of good things to say.  I particularly liked what he had to say about Western culture.  Here are some of the statements he made (transcribed by me while listening to his talk — any errors are mine, not his):

“Return to the word of God.  Every true revival has been a return to Scripture, not going to something new but returning to that which is old. Do that.”

“The only thing that will turn Canada, the only thing that will turn the United States, the only thing that will turn Europe is not a bunch of clever ideas, but men and women who are sold out to one thing:  God alone saves and He does it with a gospel that’s preached clearly and boldly.”

“Every day of your life, every moment of your life, with every sin, with every failure, you ought to be thanking Christ who has delivered you from the wrath to come; and my dear friend, it is coming.  It has come and it is coming.  You see, you read Romans chapter 1 and you see all those horrifying sins of a fallen people and you think, “Yes, these are in our society and because of these things, the wrath of God, the judgment of God, is going to come.”–No, you’ve got it backwards.  If you read Romans chapter 1 and you see all those sins in your culture, you know what it means?  The wrath of God has already come.  He has weighed your culture in a scale and He has disapproved it and turned men over to their fallen nature so that now they will commit these things and go from worse to worse. All the fallen men of Canada, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world – they are like the city of Jericho tightly shut up.  No one goes in and no one comes out.  You cannot have an impact on this world any other way than preaching the word of God, the gospel of God, intercessory prayer, and a righteous, loving, sacrificial life.  Those are the weapons of our warfare.”

“How do you have an impact on this world?  Not by being like it, not by trying to be different from it, but by imitating Jesus Christ and submitting your life to His Word.  Not legalism but following, following, imitating.”

“If you’re going to use carnal means to attract carnal men, you’ll have to keep using carnal means in order to keep them.  The power is in the gospel.”

“Now I praise God for the freedoms we have here but they are extremely dangerous when there’s no good theology, when the Bible is not being taught, and when instead of being righteous we try to be culturally relevant.”

“Your standard is the Word of God.”

The churches of the world need to rediscover the faith of the Apostles and the Protestant Reformers.  Only then can societies change for the better.  This is the same message Francis Schaeffer proclaimed in How Should We Then Live?:  Return to the Bible as the foundation of all of life or self-destruct.  Sadly, the West has currently chosen the path of self-destruction.  As for me and my house, though, we will serve the Lord.


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