Rosaria Butterfield on Homosexuality and Reading


I’m sensitive to three unbiblical points of view Christian communities harbor when they address the issue of Christianity and homosexuality.

These are, according to Butterfield:

  1. Freudianism — sexual identity is a fixed and morally neutral aspect of being human, with some people being homosexual and others not;
  2. Revisionism — reinterpreting Scripture in a way that is pro-monogamous homosexual unions; and
  3. Reparative Therapyism — viewing the primary goal of Christianity as being to change someone’s sexual identity, ie. to “pray the gay away.”

Mrs. Butterfield also makes some powerful statements about honoring God through the sacrifice of spending time reading instead of amusing ourselves:

You are what (and how) you read. J. C. Ryle said it takes the whole Bible to make a whole Christian…How do we have victory if sin’s tentacles go so deep, if Satan knows our names and addresses? We stand on the ordinary means of grace: Scripture reading, prayer, worship, and the sacraments. We embrace the covenant of church membership for real accountability and community, knowing that left to our own devices we’ll either be led astray or become a danger to those we love most. We read our Bibles daily and in great chunks. We surround ourselves with a great cloud of witnesses who don’t fall prey to the same worldview snares we and our post-19th century cohorts do.

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