“Protestant” is a Badge of Honor


Area of the medieval Speyer Ratshof (City Council, site of Imperial Diets (Reichstage) and Protestation of Speyer in 1529)

“At that Diet [of Speyer in 1529], convened by the Holy Roman Emperor, decrees were passed which prohibited the further spread of the Reformation in the Empire and upheld the edict of Worms which had banned Martin Luther from the Holy Roman Empire. …The Lutheran delegates who attended the Diet were outraged at this declaration, and so published a document objecting to the decrees, called the Protestation. …Ever since then those who have opposed the errors of the Church of Rome have been known as Protestants.”

Read more: http://protestant-standard.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/protestant-not-name-to-be-ashamed-of.html


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