RC Sproul Jr. on Birth Control

children-images-1874“If, however, the church has spoken with one voice on an issue for most of its history, but finds itself in our day changing that voice, chances are the church has only recently fallen into error. Such is the case on the birth control question. Until roughly the middle of the 20th century the whole of the church affirmed that children are a blessing from God, and that believers ought not to say “no thank you” to God’s blessings.”

Read more:  http://rcsprouljr.com/blog/rc-acceptable-church-change-historical-doctrines-condoning-birth-control/


4 thoughts on “RC Sproul Jr. on Birth Control

  1. It would be worth amending the title of this article to include the ‘Jnr’ title so it isn’t mistaken for RC Sproul Snr. Otherwise thanks for posting. R C Jnr has some strange and at times downright dangerous beliefs expressed on his website. Are they shared by his father? Very concerning if so.

  2. I should clarify that I don’t disagree with him on everything, but rather find his explanations at times to be simplistic and open to very legalistic approach to matters such as birth control. I recently attended a workshop where this view was put forward (by another pastor with ties to Sproul Jnr). The speaker scoffed at the suggestion that there might be exceptions, such as for a woman who has had life threatening complications in previous pregnancies. His response was that all pregnancies could potentially be life threatening, so this was not a valid reason for avoiding pregnancy. It seemed a little harsh to me. I didn’t see Scripture references in this link that clearly showed we must never act to prevent pregnancy. Would be interested in your thoughts on this. Blessings, Sherryn

    • I’m not sure how legalism would exist in this case unless someone is suggesting that doing something will earn someone a place into heaven? I have to say that I was convicted many years ago that the pre-1930 Christian position on this issue is correct. For a full discussion of what Christians have historically taught on this issue, I would recommend this book: The Christian Case against Contraception: Making the Case from Historical, Biblical, Systematic, and Practical Theology & Ethics. There is an abundance of scripture in this book showing what God actually thinks on this matter, although it is foreign to modern ears since Christian denominations abandoned the biblical teaching in the 1900’s. I think that’s the point RC Jr. is trying to make in the part I excerpted — that if the church has traditionally taught one thing and then does an about-face many years later (in this case hundreds of years–almost 2,000), there is probably something fishy and unscriptural going on with the about-face. I am convinced that is the case with birth control, which was adopted, so far as I can tell for cultural and not scriptural reasons (Google the 1930 Lambeth Conference if you’re interested).

      My youngest child would never have existed if I had caved in to the pressure of those around me to not allow him to exist by preventing him from being conceived and yes, all of my pregnancies have been extremely difficult. Yet, if you ask my husband, he will tell you that the pregnancies have brought nothing but blessings to our family. We do not regret having our youngest child, who has brought so much joy into our lives. We also have a clear conscience, knowing that we will never have to stand in front of God and give an account to Him as to why that child is nowhere to be found when God intended him to exist. Sobering thought.

      In any case, that is where my husband and I are at in our walk with God, but we recognize that others have varying opinions and that this area is no longer crystal clear to Christians as it once was due to many different influences on our understandings of the Bible (like the recent neo-paganism post on your blog). One thing I want to make clear is that by expressing this opinion I am in no way condemning anyone who believes otherwise. However, my family must obey God as He has convicted us and this is one area in which He has strongly done so. I’m glad you took the time to share your views and I hope that by through discussion we can all become sharper in our understanding of the faith — whatever doctrine is under discussion. I also look forward to a time when Christians will once again have more unity on doctrinal issues, which I hope and pray will happen in my lifetime.

      Blessings to you,

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