Hidden in the Mist

A Covenanters' Conventicle

A Covenanters’ Conventicle

At a Covenanter meeting in the hills of Scotland, the Covenanters were once surprised during a service by nearby dragoons.  Having no place to hide and no means to defend themselves, the Covenanters cried out to God for His protection.  Here is how God responded to their prayers:

While the dragoons were yet at a distance, there came rolling over the hills a thick, white, blinding mist, which shrouded everything, and enfolded the little company in its embrace and hid them. They themselves kept silent, and soon discovered, from the noise and shouting of the troopers, that they had lost their way. The commander now thought only of the safety of his men; and when they at length found the track, the word was given, and they rode off. No sooner were they out of sight than the mist rolled off and the sun shone forth. Those who had been kept by God, hidden under the shadow of His Hand, sang praises unto Him for their great deliverance.

Read more: http://regenerationandrepentance.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/the-killing-times/


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