Modern Evangelicalism versus the Reformation

More reasons on why I am no longer an “evangelical.”  A summary of the points raised in

Scrolls001A Wrong Gospel Focus:

  1. Evangelicals focus on “making a decision for Christ” and the subjective born-again experience.
  2. Reformers focus on Christ’s atonement and what He has objectively done.

An Erroneous Dismissal of the Old Testament:

  1. Evangelicals dismiss the Old Testament and focus on “New Testament” Christianity.
  2. Reformers focus the unity of God’s covenant between the Old and New Testaments.

A Different Absorbing Focus:

  1. Evangelicals focus on the gospel (as they define it) as the absorbing focus of life.
  2. Reformers focus on the sovereignty of God over all things.

All This Leads to an Indictment of Evangelicalism:

“For these reasons, wherever modern evangelicalism has blossomed, it has torpedoed historic Biblical orthodoxy; eviscerated a strong, theologically anchored faith; and emasculated a robust, red-blooded, full-orbed religion. Its success has been the failure of Biblical Christianity.

Consequently, to be an evangelical in the modern sense is to dilute and eventually destroy the Faith.”

Read the full article at:


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