Church Growth, Reformed Style

Helping hand shakes another in an agreement

I really enjoyed reading about how the RPCNA denomination has approached the issue of church growth:

From its inception, each new congregation has had a strong vision to plant a church in the next small town, or another part of the same city. The churches are warmly evangelical-hearted and confessionally Reformed, with simple worship focused on expository, applied preaching and congregational, acapella Psalm singing.  Their membership is generally reflective of the demographic of their communities.

No gimmicks.  No “relevant” worship.  Just the plain word of God and the simple worship He commands.

Of the “key aspects” discussed in the article, I can see some areas where the churches in my city could improve; namely, really being willing to come alongside people where they are and walk with them along the way.  In addition, the sense of truly being part of a community and reaching out to others is somewhat lacking in the Reformed churches I have attended (unless you are one of the congregants who is related to everyone else in the congregation!).  I would like to help remedy that.

I believe Rosaria Butterfield belongs to the denomination under discussion in the article.  Her book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, gives a good picture of how this type of outward ministry looks.

Read more of the church growth article:



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