If Everything’s Just An Opinion, Then Who Are You To Complain?

Biblical Landmarks demonstrates that the Christian worldview is inescapable:

ChancelWindowTruthIf man can determine the meaning of ANYTHING without God, then therein lies the ultimate idolatry, and back to the problem of Gen. 3:5, man determining what is true or false—without God.

But in order to KNOW that what he has is true, man needs a reference point that is unchangeable, and the only unchangeable reference point is God, because with Him there are no ‘new’ discoveries. He knows everything. And if there is no infallible Scripture from God, then the very idea of truth flies out the window. Without a word from God man must depend upon himself to determine what is true or false, right or wrong.

Thus, in order to be able to argue against the Biblical worldview, you have to accept its fundamental principles, that there are universal truths. If you don’t accept this, you have only your opinion, and there are no binding reasons to accept an “opinion”. If there are only opinion, on this basis, Hitler had his opinion, and who are you to complain.

Read more: http://biblicallandmarks.com/wpl/lies-damned-lies-and-philosophy/#more-311


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