I Pray to God to Make the King a Friend to His Cause

800px-Replica_Covenanter_flag,_National_Museum_of_Scotland“My Friends, am come here to die, and I thank God it is not for evildoing, that I now suffer, although I be charged with rebellion against the king’s authority, yet I declare before God and you all, that in all this matter, I never intended to wrong his majesty’s just power and greatness, but for conscience’ sake, did respect authority as the ordinance of God, appointed for the punishment of evildoers, and that I wish his majesty all welfare both in this life, and the world to come; and that it may be his happiness to consider his obligations to God and perform the same, that so it may be well with him and his posterity to many generations; and I pray to God make him a friend to His cause, and the truly godly who own the same, though falsely called fanatics or turbulent persons…

Read more: http://reformedchristianheritage.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/cloud-of-witnesses-ralph-shields/


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