Endeavour After Mortified Affections to the World

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The Rev. Elias Pledger, Puritan Sermons, I:326:

“[I]n order to the advancing of the work of mortification, endeavour after mortified affections to the world.—These are the suckers that draw away thy strength from God, and the fuel and foment and strength of all that corruption that must be mortified. Aversion from God, with an immoderate clinging and cleaving to the creature, is the whole corruption of nature. Affliction is the reducing thee to God, and the ungluing, disengaging, and divorcing thee from a carnal, worldly interest: therefore, minus gaudebis, minus dolebis, “the less thou joyest, the less thou ruest;” the less thou layest a world-interest near thy heart, the less that affliction which is the parting work will go to thy heart; therefore let all creature-comforts and advantages be loose about thee as thy clothes, which thou mayest easily lay aside; and not as thy skin, which cannot be pulled off without great torture. Affliction endangers nothing but that which is outward; therefore let not thy excessive respect to that which is without thee make thy affliction an inward terror. If thou countest the world of no value, thou wilt be able, without inward perplexity and fear, to pass through all places of danger and plunder; as the traveller, when he carries but a small matter, which, he knows, if he loses it, will not at all undo him. Besides, “if thou lovest the world, the love of the Father is not in thee;” and this will be a desperate venemous sting to thy soul in thy affliction. If thou wouldest not have the world thy plague and thy poison in the enjoying, thy rack and thy terror in the losing, comply with the word and Spirit of grace, in the application of a Christ crucified for the crucifying and mortifying of thy affections unto every earthly interest.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f25/mortifying-being-weaned-worldly-interests-84044/, Comment #1


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