The God of My Comfort Abides

Thomas Brooks, Works Vol. I, 108:

Comfort in GriefThe loss of comfort is a separable adjunct from grace. The soul may be full of holy affections when it is empty of divine consolations. There may be, and often is, true grace, yea, much grace, where there is not a drop of comfort, nor dram of joy. Comfort is not of the being, but of the well-being, of a Christian. God hath not so linked these two choice lovers together, but that they may be put asunder. That wisdom that is from above will never work a man to reason thus: “I have no comfort, therefore I have no grace; I have lost that joy that once I had, therefore my condition is not good, was never good,” etc. But it will enable a man to reason thus: “Though my comfort is gone, yet the God of my comfort abides; though my joy is lost, yet the seeds of grace remain.” The best men’s joys are as glass, bright and brittle, and evermore in danger of breaking.


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