The Godly Come to the Right Door

Thomas Boston, Works, 3:386:

Ostade, Isaac van - Traveller at a Cottage Door - 1649The carnal man gets not his desire satisfied. He is still saying, who will show us any good, for he is always at the wrong door; but the gracious soul gets its rest taken up in the bosom of the great God. Here it lays itself down and goes no farther. The carnal man is like a traveller that has lost his way in a misty day, when he sees a bush he takes it for a house and promiseth himself rest, but finding he is disappointed there, gets up again and falls into the same mistake, and is disappointed without end. Whereas the godly come to the right door, and continue there till it be opened.

Source:, Comment #1 (Thank You, Reverend Winzer!)


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