Parley Not With Thine Enemy!

Frederic Remington - The Parley - Google Art Project

The Rev. Roger Drake, Puritan Sermons, I:291:

Entertain no parley with thy enemy.—This cost all mankind dear at first. (Gen. 3:1–4.) It is disloyal, looks like a confederacy, and is very dangerous. Come not into Jael’s tent; sleep not in Delilah’s lap; talk not with Joab, lest he smite thee under the fifth rib. Sin and Satan are too cunning sophisters for us to dispute withal. He in a manner gives up his cause that will plead it with the devil. The best answer to Satan’s suit is, a round and churlish denial. (Zech. 3:2; Matt. 4:10; Jude 9.) Parleying is a kind of faint denial, and draws on this impudent suitor.


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