Piously Abandoning the Culture to Hell

Jim Mogel:

Water going down a drainThe same people who champion “just preach the Gospel” (by which they mean exclusively the gospel of personal salvation…), and lament that evangelistic efforts fall on deaf ears, are often those who discourage efforts to apply God’s Word to the culture at large…They cannot see that a century of abandonment of cultural institutions by their unbiblical “just preach the gospel” philosophy has left God’s enemies in charge of education, the news and entertainment media, etc.  As a result several entire generations have grown up with very little sin-consciousness.  How do they expect to take the gospel to a society that they have abandoned through the effect of their pietistic worldview, and have people to respond to concepts that are entirely foreign to them?

Read more: http://www.thinkandreform.org/journal/2014/8/29/pietism-and-the-downfall-of-modern-christianity.html

Photo Credit: Photography by User: MrX


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