Lowliness Teaches Men to Recount Mercies

Nekrasov and Panaev visiting sick Belinsky 1881

Thomas Boston, Works, 3:542 (The Crook in the Lot):

Pride of heart overlooks and vilifies mercies one is possessed of, and fixeth the eye on what is wanting in one’s condition, making one like the flies which pass over the sound places, and swarm together on the sore. On the contrary, lowliness teaches men to recount the mercies they enjoy in the lowest condition, and to set a mark on the good things they have possessed, or yet do, Job 2:10.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f25/pride-overlooks-mercies-lowliness-recounts-them-83983/, Comment #1 (Thank You, Reverend Winzer!)


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