Only Two Children = Extermination of a People

Interesting food for thought:

Franz von Defregger Das Haserl 1904

The two-children system will rapidly lead to extermination of a people, for ten per-cent of all marriages are naturally childless, and unmarried people do not contribute to the growth of a nation, while the two-children system replaces only the parents, no replacements for unmarried people and childless couples, hence a decrease in population, and the nation will die out.  At least four children to a family to prevent this dying out, five children to bring about an increase in population.

~Theodore Laetsh, qtd in Be Fruitful and Multiply: What the Bible Says About Having Children by Nancy Campbell, p. 51


4 thoughts on “Only Two Children = Extermination of a People

  1. Jesus said go and make disciples of every nation. He never said stay and indoctrinate your babies into Christianity. Jesus said anybody who loves his or her family more than Him is not worthy of him. He said a person’s enemies will be members of his or her household. This ‘pro-family’ teaching goes against Jesus’ teachings.

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