As Out of Prayer, So In Prayer

Praying_Hands016“They that live in constant communion with God, do not find it such a tedious business to converse with him. If they have any excursion of thoughts, it is their daily work, and the offices of common life, which they are ever seasoning with some gracious meditations and short ejaculations. When they are in duty, they are where they would be: constant gravity and seriousness is a great help to them. Men allow themselves a lawless liberty in their ordinary conversations; and then in prayer they know not how to gather up their hearts. Such as men are out of prayer, such they will be in prayer. We cannot expect that pangs of devotion should come upon us all of a sudden; and that when we come reeking from the world, we should presently leap into a heavenly frame.”

~Puritan Sermons, Vol. 1, pg. 414; “How may we cure distractions in holy duties?” by Thomas Manton (preaching on Matt 15:7-8)

Source:, Comment #3


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