A Well That Can Never Be Drawn Dry

Calvin, Sermons on Psalm 119:

Guillaume Seignac - By the Well“When then I shall have received so many benefits of him, should I now think with myself, how is it possible that this thing should come to pass? to wit, that I should obtain that which I am about to pray for? If we shall stand in this doubt, we shall do God great wrong, and show our great unthankfulness unto him: for he never doth us any good, but it is to this end and purpose, that we should be partakers of his mercy and grace, which he will continue unto us even to the end: for he is never weary in liberally bestowing his benefits upon us, as men are wont when as they bestow bountifully of any, and by and by pluck their heads again quite out of the collar. But God is no such manner of one, he is a well that can never be drawn dry. Lo then whereunto this tendeth which is here spoken in the first verse: O Lord, thou hast dealt graciously with thy servant, David spake not this to the end to measure himself, that he would have God never hereafter to bestow anymore benefits upon him: But clean contrary, that because he had had already so great experience of the grace of God, he was fully resolved, that he should also feel his benefits to come. For God is no changeling: and as I have already said, his grace is never lessened, but he will always increase it towards us.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f36/god-no-changeling-86635/. Comment #1


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