Nothing Pleases Him Except Obedience

From Olevianus, De substantia foederis gratuiti inter Deus et electos:

Felix Schlesinger - Beim Großvater“Since God’s majesty is supreme, as it says in the beginning of His law, ‘I am the Lord thy God’, from Whom we all have being itself; and since He alone is wise, to Whom no one was counsellor, and to Whom no one first gave him something in order that He might pay it back, and who therefore testified that nothing pleases Him except obedience, by which we look up wholly to His majesty and depend upon it, or that He would not be honoured otherwise than according to His will revealed by Him in a sure word, Who alone is fit to testify to Himself, so that His majesty may stand out in all things: surely we ought to judge only that right which He prescribes and in the way in which He prescribes it.”

(Cited in Heinrich Heppe, Reformed Dogmatics.)

Source:, Comment #1


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