What is True Faith?

Wiktor Elpidiforowitsch Borissow-Mussatow 001Rev. Bruce G. Buchanan:

Classically, Reformed theology recognizes three basic elements in true faith.

1) Knowledge, notitia
2) Assent, assensus
3) Trust, fiducia

WSC Question 86. What is faith in Jesus Christ?
Answer. Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace, whereby we receive {assent} and rest {trust} upon him alone for salvation, as he is offered to us {knowledge} in the gospel.

Heidelberg. Q21. What is true faith?
A. True faith is a sure knowledge whereby I accept as true all that God has revealed to us in His Word. At the same time it is a firm confidence that not only to others, but also to me, God has granted forgiveness of sins, everlasting righteousness, and salvation, out of mere grace, only for the sake of Christ’s merits. This faith the Holy Spirit works in my heart by the gospel.

To borrow the chair illustration,
I can know the chair is there, I can appreciate its workmanship, and its function.
I can believe the chair will support my weight, and that it will be comfortable.
But until I rest my body upon the chair, I have not really trusted it to hold me.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/f48/what-faith-84212/, Comment #4


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