Shall We Love That Which Stabbed Him To The Heart?

Tempestini Moses Trampling on Pharaohs Crown

Thomas Boston, Works, 4:376:

O, what a horrible evil is sin! Was not the stain deep that could not be washen out but by the blood of God? Shall we love that which stabbed him to the heart, or live in that for which he died? Can that be light which made him sweat great drops of blood falling down to the ground? or that sweet, which put gall and vinegar in his cup? O let the blood of Christ springing forth from his heart, be cords of love to draw thee from sin, which, while thou indulgest thyself in it, thou not only tramplest on the law, but on the wounds of the Son of God, Heb. 10:28, 29.

Source:, Comment #1


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