Care Only To Walk According To God’s Word

Spurgeon on Psalm 119:97-100:

135.Daniel Confounds the Priests of Bel

Daniel Confounds the Priests of Bel

“Some of you young Christians have to live from day to day among those who would like to pick holes in your coat if they could. They are watching you to try to bring an accusation against you—and they are very subtle and crafty—how shall you be able to guard yourselves against them? This is the best way. Get the Bible worked into your soul and act according to its teachings—and then your enemies will not be able to bring a true accusation against you! Or if they do, they will be like the men who watched Daniel who could find nothing to bring against him except his religion. If you want to baffle all those who would bring a charge against you, do not trouble about them in the least. Care only to walk according to God’s Word, for so you will defeat them!”

~Loving the Law of the Lord, Sermon No.3090, Delivered on Lord’s Day Evening, May 10, 1874

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