What is Inspired is Also Preserved

Rev. Matthew Winzer, Australian Free Church:

Dead Sea Scrolls Before Unraveled“Let’s consider the attestation of Scripture by Scripture itself. Why do we believe the Scriptures are inspired? Because Scripture itself states it plainly and quotes itself as inspired. Since later Scriptures make this attestation of earlier Scriptures, it must include within it the belief in the preservation of Scripture. What is inspired is also preserved, according to the self-attestation of Scripture. When Moses is quoted 1400 years later, or David is quoted 1000 years later, it is always on the presupposition that what was written has been preserved in its original purity. Now the question is, Which text-critical theory gives the greatest weight and place to the attested preservation of Scripture? Is it the belief which holds the original is lost for ever and must be reconstructed as men are able, or is it the belief which affirms the original has been faithfully transmitted through means of the church and is in possession of the church as an authority for final appeal? I do not think it is difficult to decide once the doctrine of preservation is accepted as an essential part of the self-attestation of holy Scripture. It is undoubtedly true that there are difficulties connected with the work of textual criticism regardless of which view one takes. But these difficulties should not decide one’s position. The testimony of the Holy Spirit speaking in the Scriptures should decide that point.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/84155-Why-side-with-the-KJV/page2, Comment #61