Cursed Wisdom

Calvin on Ephesians 1:7-10 and “according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself“:

Praying_Hands008“It is true that we may well apply all our endeavor to know God’s will, but we must proceed no further than he has revealed in his Word, for his Word is our light. But where God holds his peace, he will have us rein ourselves in and, as it were, be captives, and not go on any further, for if we would try to know more than is granted us, that is to say, more than we ought to know and more than is imparted to us by his Word, it would be only entering further and further into a labyrinth, or rather, into the bottom of hell. Therefore let us note well that St. Paul’s meaning in this text is that whenever God keeps his purpose to himself, it becomes us to bow our heads and keep ourselves content to be ignorant of it. For it is a cursed wisdom and such a wisdom as sends us to the pit of hell when we presume to know anything beyond where God’s Word guides and governs us.”

Source:, Comment #1


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