The True Christian Owns Christ in All His Offices

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Christ is a King, Priest, Prophet and all as Mediator. Without any of those offices, the work of salvation could not have been completed. As Priest he redeems us, as Prophet he instructs us, as King he sanctifies us and saves us. Therefore the apostle says he is made of God unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. Righteousness and redemption flow from him as Priest, wisdom as a Prophet, sanctification as a King.

Now many embrace Christ as a Priest, but yet they own him not as a King and Prophet. They like to share in his righteousness, but not partake of his holiness. They would be redeemed by him, but not but they would not submit to him. They would be saved by his blood, but not submit to his power. Many love the privileges of gospel, but not the duties of the gospel. Now these are but almost Christians, notwithstanding their close with Christ; for it is upon their terms, but not upon God’s. The offices of Christ may be distinguished, but they can never be divided.

But the true Christian owns Christ in all his offices. He does not only close with him as Jesus, but as Lord Jesus. He says with Thomas, “My Lord, and my God.” He does not only believe in the merit of his death, but also conforms to the manner of his life. As he believes in him, so he lives in him.”

~excerpted from Matthew Meade, “The Almost Christian”

Source:, Comment #1


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