Is Rock Music Evil?

Biblical Landmarks makes a good observation about claiming that rock music is “sinful”:
Bowie Ziggy

“Before answering that question, it is worth noting that most of the arguments for or against rock music are based on only a few assumptions. Some against rock music are prone to use the lyric argument: the words are bad, therefore let’s get rid of rock music. However, it is easy to counter this argument by merely cleaning up the words so that they become acceptable. This is the rationale behind most Christian rock music. Another assumption against rock is merely pragmatic: I hate rock so it should be banned.

In the debate over rock music, however, there is very little attempt to come to grips with the music itself — that is, the music divorced from the lyrics. There is probably a good reason for this omission: it becomes very difficult to find a basis to criticize the music itself from a Christian perspective. For example, the Bible does not indicate what styles or forms of music might be considered immoral. This poses a very great dilemma for the person who wishes to criticize rock music: he can’t find the biblical evidence necessary to condemn it.”

Read more:

In the rest of his article, Biblical Landmarks discusses how music is a language, that languages have rules – or grammar – and the fact that much modern music is in rebellion against rules.  An interesting read!


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