One Strives Against It

Asilomar State Beach (Breaking wave) 02

Cornelius Burgess:

“The dominion of sin in the regenerate (which is but improperly called a dominion) may be distinguished from the proper dominion of sin in reprobates, by the instance in two men swimming in a strong tide, one swimming against the tide, the other with it. They are both carried down the stream by the strength of the water, but one strives against it even when he is most violently carried away with it, the other is carried away and never strives but puts out all his strength to swim along with the tide willingly and willfully, with delight and desperate resolution.”

~Presumptive Regeneration, or, The Baptismal Regeneration of Elect Infants, (Crossville: Puritan Publications, 2014) page 225, Footnote.

Source:, Comment #1


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