The Desire of All Nations

Plate 21 of 22 for the Macklin Bible after Loutherbourg. Bowyer Bible. Vision of the White HorseThomas Halyburton, The Great Concern of Salvation (Works, p. 90):

Desire is ever implied in concern of mind; and if a man be concerned how to avert a threatened evil, he desires freedom from it; if he be concerned how to obtain any good he wants, or retain what already he is possessed of, the soul ever immixes its concern with desire. This flows from the very nature of man’s soul; for desire is nothing else but the cleaving of the rational soul to that which appears congruous, useful, and necessary to its happiness: so one that is awakened, and sees his hazard, will certainly desire salvation. Hence it is, that we find Christ the Saviour, among the other titles which are given to him in scripture, obtain that famous one, “The Desire of all nations,” Hag. 2:6, 7.



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