Such a Fullness in Christ

Mist Covering a Meadow under Forest Encroachment

Paul Baynes on Colossians 1:19:

“Lastly, this is very comfortable; for if there be such a fullness in Christ, then what though there be abundance of sin in us, and guiltiness? Yet there is a fullness in him to remove it, and take it away: a fullness of mercy to hear our supplications, a fullness of merit to make a full atonement for our foulest sins; a fullness of favor to prevail with his Father in any request. If therefore there be such a fullness in Christ as there is, be not discouraged: though thy sins abound, yet his grace abounds much more—they cannot be so out of measure sinful, as he is merciful. Remember but the two metaphors in Scripture: I will scatter your sins as a mist; I will drown them in the bottom of the sea. Now the sun, by reason of his force, can scatter the thickest mist, as well as the thinnest vapor; and the sea, by reason of his great vastness, can drown mountains as well as molehills. So Christ, by reason of the great vastness of grace that is in him, is able, yea, forward and willing to forgive the greatest as well as the least sins. For mercy, though it be a quality in us, yet it is a nature in God. Now that which is natural, there is no unwillingness nor weariness in doing of it: as the eye is not weary of seeing, the ear is not weary of hearing. Therefore, though our sins be never so great and many, his grace is all sufficient for the pardon of them. Now I beseech you, take not this exhortation in vain; for there is nothing more effectual to heal a rebellious disposition, and to cause a sinner to change his course, than to be fully persuaded that he shall be received to mercy, and that his sins shall be forgiven him in Christ. Therefore let this fullness of mercy in Christ be an effectual motive to us all to come in, and to give up ourselves wholly to Christ, to serve him with perfect hearts all our days.”

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