Halyburton on Eternal Punishment

Thomas Halyburton, The Great Concern of Salvation (Works, p. 71):

Lazarus in Heaven and the Rich Man in Hell LACMA M.88.91.91None can pretend to believe the truth of the gospel, and question the justice of God in punishing sinners eternally; for is it not ridiculous to admire divine severity in the eternal punishment of wicked men, and not to attend to infinite justice punishing severely his own beloved Son? What wonder is it that wicked men should be for ever tormented for their own sins, if the most righteous Son of God suffered for the sins of others? He that without a reproach to his goodness, could endure his most dear Son to suffer so long as one hour, will much better endure unjust sinners to be tormented with eternal punishment.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/87730-God-s-justice-in-punishing-sinners-eternally, Comment #1


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