The Present Intolerance Toward Christianity

Christian in Canada

HT to Christian Heritage News for this sermon link:

The Present Intolerance Toward Christianity by Rev. David Silversides

Some notes:

Persecution in the West is increasing…why?

Instrumental causes:

Pedro Berruguete Saint Dominic Presiding over an Auto-da-fe 14951. From the beginning there has been enmity between two seeds (Christ v. Satan; believers v. unbelievers)

  • Satan seeks to destroy the church, ie. the people of God

2. The fiercest enemies towards Christianity have often been from apostasy (cf. Psalm 83)

  • God’s enemies sometimes join together in the most unlikely of alliances in furtherance of their enmity against the Lord and His people
  • The more truth is available and rejected, the more enmity to the Lord is drawn out
  • Since the apostolic age, the great enemy of the church has been the Pope of Rome (=Antichrist). The Papacy is the result of apostasy from the church.
  • Militant Islam also violently opposes the church and came out of Jewish and Christian…

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