How Covenanters Differ From Reconstuctionists

425px-A_Covenanters'_Conventicle,_from_a_children's_history_bookA good summary of Covenanter beliefs via Mint, Anise, and the Cumin:

We Covenanters are much more Uniform and Unified in our beliefs, doctrines and standards with only small variations among us on smaller points. We stress Uniformity in religion. We believe in one Confession of Faith, one form of Catechism, one Directory for all the parts of the public worship of God, and for prayer, preaching, administration of sacraments, etc., and one form of Church government, in all the Churches. Whereas the Reconstructionist movement is ALL over the place in beliefs and doctrines and permits all sorts of crazy views therein the Reconstructionist camp…

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In light of the establishmentarian beliefs of the Covenanters, I found this blog post interesting:

The Dangers of Establishment,

I agree that there are dangers in having an established church because churches and states are run by fallen human beings.  However, the question of whether or not a state should have an established church should be settled by the Scriptures alone.  The above-cited article doesn’t address the scriptures on this topic. What does the Scripture say? should be our only guide on this point.


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