A Divine and Special Providence Overruling These Matters

John Flavel, The Work of Providence for the Saints:

Tallinna raekoja kellThis the Psalmist foresaw by the Spirit of prophecy when he said: ‘Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength, to still the enemy and the avenger’ (Ps. 8.2). At the sound of rams’ homs Jericho is delivered into the hands of Israel (Josh. 6.20). By three hundred men, with their pitchers and lamps, the huge host of Midian is discomfited (Judges 6.19). The Protestants besieged in Beziers in France are delivered by a drunken drummer who, going to his quarters at midnight, rang the alarm-bell of the town, not knowing what he did, and just then their enemies were making their assault. And as weak and improbable means have been blessed with success to the Church in general, so to the preservation of its particular members also. A spider, by weaving her web over the mouth of an oven, shall hide a servant of Christ, Du Moulin, from his enemies, who took refuge there in that bloody Parisian massacre. A hen shall sustain another many days at the same time by lodging her egg every day in the place where he had hid himself from the cut-throats. Examples might be easily multiplied, but the truth is too plain and obvious to the observation of all ages to need them. And can we but acknowledge a divine and special Providence overruling these matters, when we see the most apt and potent means for the Church’s ruin frustrated, and the most silly and contemptible means granted success and prospered for its good?

Source and read more: http://www.nonprofitpages.com/elm/jf_prov.htm


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