The Natural Man Turns The Very Gospel Into Law

Rev. Matthew Winzer:

Delightful stories; or, Home talks out of the Wonderful book.. (1888) (14586433440)The gospel is not analogous in any way to the moral law. It promises life. It says, Live, and Do this. The law says, Do this, and Live. The gospel administration subordinates the law to its good-news purpose. It does not assimilate it or create a new law. The Mediator did not come to destroy the law but to fulfil it.

Thomas Boston, Human Nature in its Fourfold State:

JudgesTools“Such is the natural propensity of man’s heart to the way of the law, in opposition to Christ, that, as the tainted vessel turns the taste of the purest liquor put into it, so the natural man turns the very gospel into law; and transforms the covenant of grace into a covenant of works. The Ceremonial Law was to the Jews a real gospel; which held blood, death, and translation of guilt before their eyes continually, as the only way of salvation: yet their very table, (i.e. their altar, with the several ordinances pertaining thereto, Mal. i. 12) was a snare unto them, Rom. ii. 9, while they used it to make up the defects in their obedience to the Moral Law, and clave to it so, as to reject him, whom the altar and sacrifices pointed them to, as the substance of all: even as Hagar, whose it was only to serve, was by their father brought into her mistress’s bed; not without a mystery in the purpose of God, for ‘these are the two covenants,’ Gal. iv. 24. Thus is the doctrine of the gospel corrupted by Papists, and other enemies to the doctrine of Free Grace. And indeed, however natural men’s heads may be set right in this point, as surely as they are out of Christ, their faith, repentance, and obedience (such as they are), are placed by them in the room of Christ and his righteousness, and so trusted to, as if by these they fulfilled a new law.”

Source:, Comment #46


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