Not One Half Drop More Than Is Absolutely Needful

2006-02-13 Drop-impact“…a Father’s love is joined with infinite wisdom, and that, therefore, every ingredient in the bitter cup is measured out drop by drop, and grain by grain, and there is not one pang too many ever suffered by an heir of heaven.  The cross is not only weighed to the pound, but to the ounce, ay, to the lowest conceivable grain.  You shall not have one half a drop of grief more than is absolutely needful for your good and God’s glory.  And does not this also sweeten the cross, that it is laid on us by infinite wisdom, and by a Father’s hand?”

–Charles H. Spurgeon sermon “Marah; or Bitter Waters Sweetened”  Vol. 9 “Spurgeon’s Sermons” p. 395



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