A Fundamentalist Hermeneutic Rejects All Complexity

John 3 16 Sanskrit translation grantham scriptJohn 3:16 in Sanskrit

Matthew W. Kingsbury on fundamentalism:

Fundamentalism is often misunderstood: many of its cultured despisers think it consists primarily of a high view of Scripture, but its distinguishing feature is its Biblical hermeneutic. A “hermeneutic” is a method of interpretation, and, as the Westminster Confession of Faith demonstrates, one can hold a high view of the inspiration of Scripture while employing a fairly sophisticated hermeneutic (see especially WCF 1.5-7, 9-10). A fundamentalist hermeneutic, on the other hand, rejects all complexity: it is marked by “prooftexting,” a method in which a Bible verse, in isolation, is held up to prove a doctrinal point. While it’s certainly the case that isolated verses of Scripture can prove points, fundamentalism does not derive its points by exegeting verses in their literary context. Instead, it begins with the point it wishes to make, then finds a verse which appears to support that point.

Read more:  http://presbyteriancurmudgeon.blogspot.ca/2015/05/apostate-ch-6-forming-humanist-society.html


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