That We May Have Strong Consolation

The Gates of Hell PhiladelphiaHugh Binning, Works, p. 25:

All “the promises of God are yea and amen in Jesus Christ;” that is, established and confirmed in him. Christ is the surety of them; and so the certainty and stability of them depend upon him, at least to our sense: for God in all his dealing condescends to our weakness, that we may have strong consolation. A promise might suffice to ground our faith, but he addeth an oath to his promise, and he takes Christ surety for the performance; and therefore Christ may be called the truth indeed, – the substantial word of God, – for he is the very substance of the written and preached word. And then he is the certainty and assurance of it; the Scriptures testify of him, and lead us to this “rock higher than we,” to build upon; and against this “the gates of hell cannot prevail.”


Image: The Gates of Hell in Philadelphia (Rodin)


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