Get Thee A Better Heart!

Good advice from Richard Alleine on what to do if you want to see your nation turn back to God:

Corazón hecho de barro“In all your praying, both ordinary and extraordinary, let your eye be (I say not chiefly, but) firstly upon the case of your own Souls: What improvement you obtain here will be of this double advantage: — (1.) There will be the more hope of your being heard for the public. (2.) If the Lord be not prevailed with for public mercies and deliverances, you will be the better prepared for suffering. If God should show mercy to the public, and scatter our clouds, blow over our storms, — cause our light to break forth as the morning, and our righteousness also as the noon-day; what would all this be to thee, who art unrighteous? What would it be to thee, if in all the Land of Goshen there should be light, and thou in the midst thereof shouldest be covered over with the darkness of Egypt? if there should be dew on all the grass of the field, and thy fleece only should be dry? if thou shouldest live to see thy people a saved people and an holy and fruitful nation, and thou shouldest stand as a withered and dry tree amongst all the flourishing cedars? Get up thine own heart into good proof; or, whatever spiritual plenty thou mayest see in Israel, yet thou wilt not eat thereof. Talk no more of thine hopes of seeing good days, how little would that be to thee, unless thou get thee a better heart!”

~A Companion for Prayer, or, Directions for Improvement in Grace and Practical Godliness, page 331


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