Mercy Reaches Above Heaven

Teniers, David the younger - The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy - Google Art Project

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 52:

But, saith the doubting soul, I am exceeding perverse and wicked; there is nothing in me but wickedness. It so abounds in me that there is none like me. But, saith the Lord, I am “abundant in goodness.” Thy wickedness, though it be great, it is but a created wickedness; but my goodness is the goodness of God. I am as abundant in grace and goodness as thou art in sin; nay, infinitely more. Thy sin is but the transgression of a finite creature, but my mercy is the compassion of an infinite God; it can swallow it up. Suppose thy sin cry up to heaven, yet mercy reaches above heaven, and is built up for ever.

Source:, Comment #1


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