Allowed Imperfection is a Disesteem of Blessedness

Ridderzuring bladvlekkenziekte (Rumex obtusifolius with leaf spot)

Thomas Manton (Works, Vol. 2, p. 57):

In heaven there is perfect felicity and exact holiness; then the saints are glorious saints indeed, when they have neither spot, nor wrinkle, nor blemish, nor any such thing . . . . Now this we have not in the world; but because this we expect in the other world, we are to labour after the highest perfection in holiness here, because allowed imperfection is a disesteem of blessedness. Do we count immaculate purity and perfection in holiness to be our blessedness hereafter? and shall we shun it, and fly from it, or at least neglect it, as if it were our burden now? No surely! “He that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, as Christ is pure,” (1 John 3.3). He that looketh not for a Turkish paradise, but a sinless estate, will endeavour it now, get as much as he can of it now. When you cease to grow in holiness you cease to go on any farther to salvation; you seem to be out of love with heaven and blessedness when your desires and endeavours are slaked.

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