If We Set Ourselves In The View Of Such A Spirit

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Madame Alphonse DaudetHugh Binning, Works, p. 57:

How much atheism is rooted in the heart of the most holy! We do not always meditate, with David, Ps. 139, on that all-searching and all-knowing Spirit, who knows our down-sitting and uprising, and understands our thoughts afar off, and who is acquainted with all our ways. O how would we ponder our path, and examine our words, and consider our thoughts before-hand, if we set ourselves in the view of such a Spirit, that is within us and without us, before us and behind us!

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/88841-How-would-we-ponder-our-path, Comment #1


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