No Raw Half-Wishes In God

Arco da Via Láctea sobre Corumbá

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 75:

There are no raw half-wishes in God. Men have such imperfect desires, – I would have, or do, such a thing if it were not, &c. He wavers not thus in suspense; but what he wills and desires, he wills and desires indeed. He intends, doubtless, it shall be, and what he intends he will execute and bring to pass; therefore his will in due time applies almighty power to fulfil the desire of it; and almighty power being put to work by his will, it cannot but work all things “according to the counsel of his will;” and whatsoever his soul desireth, that he cannot but do, even as he desires, seeing he can do it. If he will do it, and can do it, what hinders him to work and do?

Source:, Comment #1


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