Commit Yourselves To Him In All Things

Eighty-eight Butterfly (Diaethria anna)

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 77:

Seeing he alone is the absolute Sovereign Lord of all things, – seeing he has passed a determination upon all things, and accordingly they must be, – and seeing none can turn him from his way, – O then, Christians, learn to commit yourselves to him in all things, both for this life and the life to come! Why are ye so vain and foolish as to depend and hang upon poor, vain, depending creatures? Why do ye not forsake yourselves? Why do ye not forsake all other things as empty shadows? Are not all created powers, habits, gifts, graces, strength, riches, &c., like the idols in comparison of him, who can neither do good, neither can they do ill? Cursed is he “that trusteth in man,” Jer. 17:5. There needs no other curse than the very disappointment you shall meet withal.



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