Certainly He Can Give A Being To His Own Promises

Hugh Binning, Works, p. 94:

Catching LightThou art often emptied into nothing, and stripped naked of all encouragements, and there is nothing remaining but the word of God’s promises to thee and to the church, which seems contrary to sense and reason. Now, I say, if thou do indeed believe that the world was made by God, then out of all question thou mayest silence all thy fears with this one thought – God created this whole frame out of nothing, he commanded the light to shine out of darkness; then certainly he can give a being to his own promises. Is not his word of promise as sure and effectual as his word of command?

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/88975-He-can-give-a-being-to-His-own-promises, Comment #1


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