He Was Refused

A sad commentary on what happens when Christians try to adapt their beliefs to the prevailing scientific theories of their day, in this case the notion that the Tasmanians were the least evolved of all human beings:

Fanny Cochrane Smith“Clergyman in the early days of the colony ignored the aborigines completely, believing them to be so far beneath the level of humanity as to be not worth teaching. As late as 1829, some twenty-six years after the first settlement, Henry Widowson wrote [the Church]…made no attempt to convert the “poor wretches” he noted, and added: “I have never heard, nor do I believe, that any teacher of the gospel ever went half a dozen miles from Hobart Town to enquire into their conditions.” In fact when Governor Arthur asked the Church Missionary Society in 1828 for a missionary he was refused (Travers 1968, 35).”

[Travers Robert. 1968. The Tasmanians: The Story of a Doomed Race. Sydney: Cassell Australia]

~The Darwin Effect: It’s influence on Nazism, Eugenics, Racism, Communism, Capitalism & Sexism by Jerry Bergman (Master Books, 2014), p.99-100 (incorrect form of “its” occurs in original)


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