The Maxim Of Their Morality

Frank Tengle, an Alabama sharecropper, and family singing hymns

REV. EDWARD HOARE, M.A. on the Roman Catholic approach to the Sabbath.  It’s interesting that many Protestants today treat the Sabbath the same way.  I was taught this view of the Sabbath in the Anglican church as a child [emphasis added]:

“The same principle appears in the Romish treatment of the Lord’s-day.  The moral commandment of the Most High God is abandoned, and for it you find in many Romish catechisms the substitute of human ritual, “Thou shalt keep the festivals.”  And this appears in the universal practice of Romish countries.  They appear to regard it as a duty to attend mass, but that once done, the whole day is devoted to amusement.  The rite is observed, and the conscience satisfied, so that the unregenerate heart is left at full liberty to pursue its own course, and take its pleasure on the Lord’s holy day.  Thus the same persons who are engaged in the utmost apparent devotion at mass in the morning are found in throngs in the dissolute French theatre at night.  “Attend to the Church’s rites and live as you please,” appears to be the maxim of their morality.”


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