Will the Old Book Stand?

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By Wilbur Gildeksleeve.

WILL the Old Book stand, when the higher critics state,
That grave errors are discovered on its page ?
Will it save the sinful soul, will it make the wounded whole ?
Will its glorious truths abide from age to age ?

Will its message still abide, when the scientists decide,
That its record of Creation is untrue ?
Tell us the “Descent of man” is by “Evolution’s plan,”
Will its principles the sinful heart renew ?

When infidels parade, the mistakes which Moses made,
When the truths of revelation they deny;
Will the ten commandments still, the demands of justice fill ?
Will its Word sustain us when we come to die ?

When in language wondrous fair, Christian scientists declare,
That there is no evil, only “mortal mind ” ;
When “mental treatment” fails, and “seeming death” prevails,
In the Bible may we consolation find ?

Yes, the Word of God will stand, tho’ assailed on every hand,
Its foundations are eternally secure.
It will bear the critic’s test, and the idle scoffer’s jest;
Its saving truths forever shall endure.

~in Blast’s From the Ram’s Horn

Source: https://archive.org/stream/blastsfromramsho00unse/blastsfromramsho00unse_djvu.txt


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